If you are using HomeAssistant to manage your Grocy Instance you MUST follow these instructions

Grocy API Configuration

This critical step connect the PantryParty app to your install of Grocy.

Create An API Key

1) Login to your Grocy install and head to the Manage API Keys section in the configuration area.

Desktop Mobile
Admin API Keys Admin API Keys

2) Click the + Add button on the top right of the screen to generate a new API Key. If you already have an API key, best practices dictate that you should create a new API key for each consumer. Admin API Keys

3) Copy the API key you just created (on mobile you need to click the green +)

Desktop Mobile
Admin API Keys Admin API Keys

Grocy API Config>

Configure PantryParty

Paste the API key you created into the second field in the form. Once the API is entered fill in the URL to the Grocy Server. This URL should include the /api path component.

As you type, PantryParty will reach out to verify your connectivity. Most common errors should show up as a human readable response.

Once a connection to Grocy has been established your current Grocy version will be displayed and a Next button will appear in the Nav bar


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