PantryParty is designed to enable a workflow with Grocy which we believe to enable the best inventory management, with the lowest amount of manual intervention.

Scan Don’t Type

PantryParty is designed to let you rapidly scan products without having to look back at the results. This workflow is supported by having PantryParty read the results of newly scanned barcodes (per session) to you while you remaining in the scanner.

If a barcode is not found, you will hear a notification so you can put that item aside. Nothing is more frustrating when bringing home a load of groceries and having a single item not found.

Barcode data is also not nearly as clean as we would like it to be, and sometimes your phone will simply read the wrong code. By reading the results of each scan, you can keep scanning and be confident in the results.

One Barcode per Grocy Product

Grocy assumes you are always taking the oldest product out of inventory every time you spoil or consume a product. This is how you should be consuming your food, but it isn’t always realistic when you are trying to throw your meal together.

In order to make your inventory as accurate as possible, PantryParty promotes using only a single barcode per product. If you use multiple barcodes per product you are at an increasing the likely hood that the wrong inventory item is removed from stock.

What About Duplicate Products?

If you are anything like us, you have essentially the same item from every different store. You may have a canned tomato from Target, Walmart, Publix, Kroger and the name Brand in your pantry at any given time.

In order to make this one item in Grocy for usage in recipes or for maintaining a minimum stock, you should create a parent product.

Everytime a new barcode is found, PantryParty guides you through the creation of the Grocy product and will give you the option to attach it to, or create a new, parent product.

The Exceptions

The main exception to this rule is when you buy things in packs with a different barcodes than the pieces.

That sounds stupid

No problem, PantryParty will also add barcodes to existing Grocy Products.